Mkgmap commands to compile one merged map after using the splitter

Hello everyone,

I tried to use splitter and mkgmap tools to have an OSM map, on my Garmin product (for car and sometimes for pedestrian and bike by using Openmtbmap).

It is the first time and i’m discovering each tool step by step and i’m reading on-line helps and tutorials but i still have somes problems.

At this moment, i’m using:
QlandkarteGT v1.0.0

I downloaded severals maps files (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and others) from I splitted each map separately by using this command (in example for the Germany map):

java -Xmx2G -jar /media/share/Carte\ GPS/Tools/splitter-r170/splitter.jar germany.osm.bz2 &

Then, i ran mkgmap with this command line:

java -Xmx2G -jar /media/share/Carte\ GPS/Tools/mkgmap-r1890/mkgmap.jar --tdbfile --index --lower-case --keep-going --drive-on-right --style=default --generate-sea=multipolygon,extend-sea-sectors,close-gaps=6000 --series-name=“OpenStreetMap_2011_03_12” --route --max-jobs=2 -c …/Afrique/template.args -c …/Belgique/template.args -c …/France/template.args -c …/Germany/template.args --product-id=5 …/Luxembourg/luxembourg.osm -c …/Suisse/template.args &

The problem is that the result under QlandkarteGT, i do not have a complete map as expected, in example the Africa map is missing and others tiles in Europe are disappeared. On each folder, i updated (and modified) the product-id number on the template.args file but the result is giving me the same problem again.

Could you please indicate me what i’m doing wrong? Hoping my description (and my english) stays readable.

Thank you in advance.

you have to use lower max-nodes on the splitter (read splitter documentation):
Or here:

Thanks for your note extremecarver. I will apply this change.

I have again one question, should i change my map id on each map with the specific command --mapid under splitter ?

I guess that mkgmap will overwrite the tile when a newest one is compiling with the same map id used previously.

On the splitter command line, shoud i indicate a different map id when i’m using separate maps (with several folders) ?

You need to ensure that every map tile you create with mkgmap has a different mapname…if two tiles share the same mapname then they will not appear properly.

Ok for mkgmap but what about the splitter? Should i enter a different map id on each folder where i’m using the splitter?

Template.arg files generated are using by mkgmap to build the final map.

AFAIR, the --mapid command for splitter just controls the filename of the resulting tiles. It is the --mapname parameter for mkgmap that is more important when it comes to what your GPS will or won’t display.

Ok thank you for your help csdf. It is working now!