Mkgmap add-pois-to-areas and category problem


I’m trying to use the add-pois-to-areas option (on Mkgmap r1907 and then use the gmapsupp.img in my Etrex Legend Hcx).
Although I get POI generated with a visually adequate icon, they are not present in the proper index category.
For example, a restaurant gets a POI listed in the “All POI” find menu, but not in the “Food & Drink” menu!
Similarly, but a bit different, a Place of Worship will be listed in the “All POI menu” and the “Community”, but NOT in the category “Place of Worship”.

I suspect that a wrong garmin code is used by add-pois-to-areas: the 0x2c0b is the only code which get listed in the category “Place of Worship” although some other(s) code(s) give the same icon without being liste in the good category.
Can someone suggest a solution for my problem? (find in dedicated index list the nearest place for feeding me materially or spiritually :wink:

I don’t get this problem with --add-pois-to-areas…perhaps you could try my style and see if it works for you, and if it does that should help you figure out why your style isn’t working. You can my style on my website.


I made a try with your style, typ and args. The result on my Etre Legen HCx (could be different on another device?) is almost the same (*) as I what I came to: those POI are not listed in the category where they should be.
I still suspect that a wrong garmin code is used by add-pois-to-areas option.
May be that something to submit to mkgmap developpers?

: only very minor difference I noticed is that your style does not render a shop tagged simply as shop=supermarket (i.e. without building=yes).
That is understandable because your polygon style has a rule with "shop=
& building=yes" whereas mine has “shop=* & area!=no”