misuse of the meadow tag

In several instances I’ve seen landuse:meadow used to mark forests.
It is intended to mark open uncultivated areas. Sometimes, but not necessarily used for grazing.
Please bear in mind.

I’m one of the people using it. And personally I don’t even know what is on the ground as I mapped it via sat images and meadow did look the best. A forest in Israel can look very brown in summer time (when the sat images are taken) :slight_smile: So how do I know if its a forest, meadow or just grass.

Forests in Israel are not brown in summer as there are very few deciduous species here. Both the pines and eucalypti that dominate planted forests here and the oak that is common in natural woodland are evergreen.
The most abundant form of flora, outside the desert is scrub, and this should be the go to tag. If you see an area devoid of bushes in the sat images, you can use meadow.
There are aerial images of better quality for you to consult, tough not trace, if you’re not certain, govmap.gov.il being one.