Misspelling of streetname on a univerity medical centre groningen

How can I request a change in a street name for University Medical Centre Groningen.

The name currently on the map is: Fontijnstraat
But the correct spelling is: Fonteinstraat

The streets run inside their building and guide patients, workers and business people to the various parts of the building.


Goto OpenStreetMap and place a NOTE on the map at the right position with a comment. It’s the button on the right, second from bottom.

Or just klick here to directly create a note and shift the blue marker to the right position.

Is this really a street as can be found inside a city, a “pedestrian area”?

Or is this simply a corridor inside a building?

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Thank you. I added a note.

Kaart van het UMC Groningen gevonden, https://www.umcg.nl/-/route-in-het-umcg

Straatnaam aanpast en een deel bij de hoofdingang zonder naam samengevoegd met de Fonteinstraat/Poortweg, zie de changeset.

Later gezien dat Mick inmiddels het probleem zelf al had opgelost.

If it is correct street name - then you can also directly edit map and fix it (notes sometimes are fixed quickly, sometimes wait for years).