Missing water on relation 4641113

Hi all,

I have an osm server that I run with a self made theme based on osm bright.
4 days ago I saw a problem on the map. And I was able to see the same problem using openstreetmap and the Humanitarian theme.

If you switch between standard and humanitarian you will see the water change.
And I tried to add 2 url that show the “start and end” of the problem as I see it.




I don’t really know what to look to understand what changed and what I could do to “fix” this.
Thanks in advance to anyone who will be able to help.

Someone must have made a mistake while editing somewhere along the Saint Lawrence and broken that relation. It looks like someone has already noticed and fixed the error, and the water is showing correctly on the Standard rendering. The Humanitarian might just take a bit longer to re-render.