Missing Streetnames in my Belgian Map

Hello good people,

I do have a struggle with a Belgian map I downloaded today from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl and placed on my BMW Motorrad Navigator V.
It resides on my SD card as OSM generic Routable(BEL_20-06-2020).img and it is activated in my ‘maps’ on the device.
I can see the map and it indicates nicely my position. The problem is in search.

I wanted to go to the Laarbeeklaan in Jette
Postcode “1090” > no results. Postcode “1” and a dropdown comes up with : no results
ok, drop the postcode. Try a Place. “Jette” > no results. :confused:
another attempt : place, with ‘J’ and enter : no results.

So I thought there was no data available, so I did some random search
City “Brussels” → Street : “Leon Lepagestraat” no results, “Rue Leon Lepage” is found.
City starts with ‘A’ → only Arendonk & Assenede !
so there is data in it but it can’t be found.

But when I give in the address through an app (Garmin Smart Link) and send it to the device, it finds clearly ‘Laarbeeklaan, Jette’ and navigates me to it.

I don’t experience this on the other maps.
I have 11 more countries (NLD/PRT/ITA/FRA/GBR/AUT/CHE/DEU/ESP/LUX/ISL) all from 20-06-2020 from the same source.

When I load Spain and I start searching a place starting with “MA” I have a couple of screens with results.
Every street I search for in Madrid is nicely found and the device can route me from my home to Calle de Muller in Madrid without issues (using 3 different img maps : Belgium, France and Spain)
When I load Italy and I start searching a postcode starting with ‘1’ I have a couple of screens with results, same for Netherlands.

I redownloaded and reinstalled the map without result.
Any feedback ?

Thanks for reading and if possible a solution,


I don’t know about that app but maybe a hint here:

In Brussels, the street names always use the following structure: fr - nl

  • name=“Rue Léon Lepage - Léon Lepagestraat”
  • name:fr=“Rue Léon Lepage”
  • name:nl=“Léon Lepagestraat”

It looks like the app is trying to match OSM’s name with your query and only gives results that start with it instead of searching for any substring, as Nominatim does. A possible workaround would be to try adding a wildcard character (anything like [*?%.]), e.g. asking for *Leon Lepagestreet, or see in the settings whether it has an option to use Dutch names only (name:nl).

But that wouldn’t explain why it cannot find Jette, which is the same in every language. This is really puzzling indeed.

http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl isn’t maintenance for many month or years, better find yourself a other alternative like https://extract.bbbike.org/ that site is updating there data every week.