Missing speed limits in Spain

Dear friends,
I saw, in Spain only a few streets have attributation:
maxspeed=* e.g. maxspeed=80 is 80km/h

Look at this:

Coloured lines means: there is speed limit.
Could you help and make this attributes for motorways and primary roads in Spain?
It is important for tourist visited by car your beautiful country.

Best regards,

CheckAutopista can also help identifying missing data from motorways:
CheckAutopista también ayuda a identificar información incompleta en las autopistas/autovias:


Some examples:
Algunos ejemplos:

AP-7 http://k1wiosm.github.io/checkautopista2/?id=121011&lat=39.9055&lon=-2.7521&z=7
A-1 http://k1wiosm.github.io/checkautopista2/?id=4046477&lat=41.6750&lon=-4.3478&z=8
A-92 http://k1wiosm.github.io/checkautopista2/?id=1405132&lat=37.2894&lon=-5.0729&z=8