Missing Roads??

The 3023 heads north from Ban Bueng, which is east of Chonburi.

On OpenStreetMap.org, edit view, I note there are many unclassified / minor roads shown, but when i download the latest OSM map from garminopenstreetmap.nl and view on Basecamp very few of these appear.

This is an area i use quite a lot to go north from my home in Bangsaen an i’d like to plot some different routes on Basecamp but am not able to…

Any ideas?

Rob :smiley:

Those roads near 3023 which you are missing: do you see them on the map here at http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/13.3499/101.1230 ? That is: are the roads missing from the Garmin map only, or from all OSM maps?
With the Bing imagery, I can see that there are some more minor roads (unclassified, service, residential, some of them likely unpaved) in that area.

Rob, I notice you drew many of those roads yourself, and very recently. One day. The have not even had time to render on some zoom levels. Lambertus updates once per month, so you may have to wait a while longer before you can download a map that includes them.

Rob, are these the roads you were looking for, or should we look for another problem?

All the best, tom

Hi guys

Thanks for the replies. Yes i can see the roads in this area on OSM map but not on Garmin map. i.e. not on Basecamp and not on my Zumo - using the same version of Lambertus map on both.

I drew in some of the roads myself to see if they would appear on the next update, but many roads that are already drawn don’t seem to appear.

I’m still rather puzzled…?


The area near Ban Buen is relatively nice (South towards the mountain with the large Chinese cemetries), but from Bang Saen beach it is terrible to get there by bicycle… Many minor roads there are still missing, and often roads mapped as tracks are paved (concrete or asphalt) minor roads. Would be nice if someone could check and update that.
Regarding the roads you added and were not shown on Garmin: can you find them meanwhile?