Missing river (mouth)

I think I ran into a discrepancy between the export api and the coast line file where the part of the river directly beyond the mouth tends to fall into a black hole. I can see the river in the online map, so that’s not the problem.

When using the export api (both the standard and the Overpass API) the coast line isn’t exported, and as part of that, some rivers that have banks directly connected to the coastline aren’t exported either. This is usually the part until the first bridge across the river. So the export api seems to consider this as part of the coastline.

On the other hand there is the coastline file, but the “coastline” at that point just crosses across the river mouth, without following the river inland.

This means that when trying to construct a map from an effected area by combining an exported file from the api and the coastline file the river mouth is missing.

For an example look at Brisbane, where the export api will render a file without the Brisbane river between the city center and where the river ends in the ocean.

Anyone else run into this problem?