Missing restricted access challenge

Hello Thailand Community,

Today I am sharing a new challenge Missing Access Tag that might interest editors and mappers of certain use cases and application. The challenge was analyzed mainly on gated community areas in Bangkok where access=private may be required to be tagged. A comparison analysis of OSM and TomTom data was conducted on residential areas where accessibility may be restricted.

In order to help you categorize/differentiate gated communities from open ones, here is an information tips that you might find helpful, In aerial imagery, you will see similar pattern of house roofs, a guard house at village entrance/exit which mostly found in gated community areas and already been captured in OSM map as gates or moveable barriers.

For local users who can read Thai, street names can also help you to identify residential areas too. (This case it is ‘พฤกษ์ลดา xx’)

While the challenge is open, it is highly recommended, if not mandatory, to have local knowledge.


If you have open such an area in the editor, it might be good to check for warnings regarding “nearly connected” roads. As the purpose of gated communities is a controlled access, they are frequently surrounded by walls/fence. A residential road of such a community might end just in front of a wall and not connect to the nearby road outside.
In such a case it helps to have a noexit=yes tagged on the last node. In case it is possible for pedestrians to pass through, but not vehicles, add relevant tags. This avoids that some people unaware of such situations just connect the roads. Walls are frequently not visible on aerial imagery.

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Hi Stephan,

We will look into it. If any area have clear&up to date imagery or GPS available, we will take care of this issue.

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