Missing POI in Khon Kaen

The following hotels are listed in WikiTravel, a community driven travel guide, but missing in OpenStreetMap.

It would be great if travelers could use OSM to find their hotel.


Baan Sasithorn
The Charm Resort
The Muang Inn Hotel
The Rim Beung Hotel
The Samsunren Hotel
Nan’s Hotel
Baan Sasithorn Resort
The Lakeside Condominium
The Thong Apartments
The B and B Apartments
The Chareon Chit Apartments
First Choice
Glacier Hotel
Khon Kaen Orchid
Tonwa Residence and Resort

If you add the tags website and phone it is even possible to directly contact the hotel from OSMand smartphone app. Please add in international notion for mobile phones to handle them correctly (eg +66-43-334999)

Why do you call these POI’s missing? Do you think these POI’s must be in OSM?

Adding a POI to WikiTravel, especially anonymously, doesn’t make it important to me. If someone really cares he won’t add just the name but address and contact information as well. And in addition he would add the coordinates as it’s the case in Wikipedia articles, e.g. Khon Kaen.

Yes, I think these POI must be in OSM. As well as all other hotels in your town. But we need a starting point. I could have chosen a commercial travel guide like Lonely Planet or a commercial travel agent like Agoda as well. But wikitravel is following the community spirit. They are on the way of being integrated into the wikimedia cosmos which also provides server capacity for OSM.

So completing this list first sounds like a good starting point. Certainly you could add POI based on any other criteria you like. Having a list should make it easier to check the completeness of OSM data.

Having someone enter data anonymously (and probably only partly) doesn’t make the data less valuable. This argument was used against OSM in the past as well. Also incomplete data can and will always happen in a wiki based crowd sourcing.

Another missing POI thing might be 7eleven stores. I remember standing in 7eleven in Udon Thani a while ago and noticing that they don’t sell alcohol at all as they are near a school. Thanks to OSM I saw that another branch was just a few hundred meters away so we got some beer there. Good to have it in OSM.
Certainly we could have asked the stuff as well or simply go to a public drinking spot. But the 1st argument makes all sorts of maps superfluous and 2nd did we feel too tired to go out.

So a loot of good arguments to have data in OSM as complete as possible. The question is how to measure completeness. In Germany some towns gave away street directories. We used them to check whether we have all these streets in OSM.

Other things to check for completeness would be ref tags or bilingual names. In this discipline is Khon Kaen quite good: