Missing OSM directory in Android 6.0

I have been trying for hours and am at a loss. In my previous phone I was always able to get to the osmand directory to access my gpx tracks. With this new phone I cannot locate the directory no matter what I try.

I can see the gpx tracks in the OSM app so I know they are saved somewhere. I tried moving the app to the SD card and unmounting and searching via my computer but still nothing. I downloaded Total Commander to try and locate on device but it does not show anywhere. All it produces is the net.osmand directory but it doesn’t have any data in there.

When I try to just export via “Share” the files are not successfully exported.

Any of this sound like a familiar issue to anyone else? Any suggestions what else to try?


There’s an OsmAnd Google Group at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/osmand - people there are likely to have the answer.

In OsmAnd (v2.3.5 and maybe others) under settings->General Settings near the bottom is the setting (and display) of the “Data storage folder”. Is what you are looking for in the directory listed there?

And additionally:

Try to access that target folder NOT via a desktop PC that has a USB connection to your phone,

but use an adequate Android file browser like TotalCommander or similar.

Also in the above mentioned googlegroup, there have been some topics dealing eith the problem to find files in the Osmand folder on device or SD-card … use the search.