missing info / help required?

I live in albert county, NB, Canada. There is many many missing streets in Moncton, NB and also incorrect position or lenght

eg. pacific avenue is not listed
guttingsville bridge is a new bridge between moncton and riverview and also streets leading to have been made
st. george street is longer and keeps going after killiam drive

I’m not here to bitch and ask when finished. This’ll be great when finished and awesome we’re getting open source project
I CAN help with my gps and maybee make a few changes using google maps also. Not an expert but can lend a bit of a hand

msg me

You mention “using google maps”. We don’t do that. OpenStreetMap is created by going out and creating maps from scratch. Don’t even look at copyrighted sources while you’re editing OpenStreetMap. That’s the challenge we set ourselves.

Feel free to update the New Brunswich page. Many wiki pages like this are being used to give a rough status of mapping progress.

Hi Harry,

In a perfect world that would be nice.

UK Square miles : 94,000 give or take a few.
Roadways: 397,403 km give or take a few

Canada Square Miles : 3,500,000 give or take a few.
Roadways: 1,408,900 km give or take a few

There is no way this project would every get finished in Canada if people didn’t use satellite imagery to trace. No disrespect, but if you want to come to Canada and drive you car or ride your bike close to 7250 kilometers from coast to coast be my guest, I’m not. The data that’s in OSM right now for Canada is rather poor (incomplete), without tracing it will never be fixed.

That makes sense for small European countries, but is totally unreasonable for Canada. I’m not saying you have to use Google Earth (Maps), but some source of satellite imagery is needed for tracing.

Just my thoughts.


I thought there was a Canadian project to import Geobase data in? A quite different approach to the UK. The process for Canada does not seem to be well documented at all.

Cheerio John

I think the difficulty is figuring out what would be useful. Also are you looking at preimport data or post import data? If it’s pre then don’t worry, if it’s post then we need some post processing. I haven’t figured out how to tell if it’s pre or post.

Cheerio John

This project is an Open Source mapping… and therefore we cannot use copyrighted info.

OSM does have access to yahoo sattelite imagery… and it can be brought up as a background in potlatch.
Granted, some of their imagery is not as high resolution as Google Earth’s… but it is good enough to trace major geographic features and major roads.

Also, large areas have been filled in by a Geo-base import.

The whole point of this project is for many people to help fill in their “areas”…
some people fix a street or two… and some people do all out mapping weekends…

because of all this, OSM has the potential to be the most accurate, up to date, and detailed map since most of it will actually be verified by someone from this project physically being there and filling in or adjusting.