Missing ile d'orleans

Hi all,

If we look here : https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=13/46.9113/-70.9729
We can see the ile d’orleans.
If we switch to another map style like here : https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=13/46.9113/-70.9729&layers=C
It is all messed up / missing.

Why is that?
The same thing happen on the map style I did which is based on “osm bright”.
It seems to have happenned somewhere during the last couple of days.

There are a couple more of these missing if you drag the map around like : https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=13/47.0165/-70.6711&layers=C

I tried looking into the history of edit on openstreetmap but I am less thechnical on that side.
Thanks in advance.

A month after your post, I finally notice this thread and hmm, I see the problem, and it’s still there.

I’ve taken my best stab at fixing this, but won’t know for a while if I got it right, because OCM takes a while to update. For now it looks like the standard map is still rendering correctly, so perhaps at least I didn’t break anything.

There are two massive multipolygons covering the estuary/river, with the boundary between them being just east of the island in question. The multipolygon to the east was trying to include the area to the west, which was doing just fine with its own multipolygon. In other words, the missing island was (incorrectly) handled by two overlapping polygons trying to do the same thing. I carefully trimmed those members out of the eastern polygon.

Thanks for pointing this out. It needed to be fixed.

If you see problems like this I’d suggest that you report them to whoever is responsible for the tile layer where you see the problem. When you select the cycle map in OSM the text at the bottom right of the screen changes to contain some links you can click through to get to contact information.

You consider this a rendering problem?

The map data seemed very … suspect … to me: multiple overlapping polygons, each trying to define a river-with-islands.

Valid or not, I figure, why torture the renderer?

PS, the estuary to the east of the island discussed above has the same problem, different conflicting polygon.  But that area has been edited recently by other mappers, so I simply passed the <s>buck</s> baton, with an explanation.


What I actually did 3 weeks ago is to create a new tile server with a fresh extract of north america.
I took this opportunity to upgrade my setup to ubuntu18.04. I found that a fresh extract with my map style was working.

So a fresh extract did not have any data problem.
But a system updated daily in my case using geofabrik had something wrong with it’s data.

I had kept my “old” server on the side just in case it ever got fixed to confirm that it was also fixed on my old setup.
I can confirm it is fixed on my old setup. I will now destroy that server :smiley:
We can also see like you said that it is fixed on the cyclemap style.

In any case.
Thanks all for your time!
Have a greay day!