Missing entries in Planet-latest.osm.pbf

When I run commands with osmosis to generate an osm file of Planet-latest.osm.pbf (from amenities.school) we see that it is missing entries that is visible on Openstreetmap.
For example it does not contain more than 3 entries of “Hagaskolan” (amenities.school) even though there exists at least 10 entries when you search Open Streetmap for “Hagaskolan” (amenities.school). https://planet.osm.org/

Anyone having any suggestion how to get the complete set of schools?

Best regards

What commands are you using? Can you give examples of schools that are found and not found?

there a three NODES, eigth WAYS and one RELATION in OSM with amenity=school and name=Hagaskolan.

therefor you should enhance your filter/query or what ever you are doing else.


Taginfo also shows > 450.000 entries for building=school, maybe you want to look at those as well?