Missing en translation: Inspection.Feature_List( Errors)


Whenever I am logging in to OpenStreetmaps to do edits using the iD Editor(browser) there is a message popping up blanking out the editing tools.
The message is appearing in Spanish or some other language and is blocking me to access the ( points, Lines and Areas tool palette). All the error message is showing the prefix ( Missing en translation).

For instance it’s showing: Missing en translation: inspector.feature_list, Missing en translation:inspector.search etc…And on the editing toolbar palette(points, Line,Area), its reading as ( Missing en translation:toolbar.add_feature>

Is there a language translation error or something else?

Would appreciate assistance in this area as I am residing in Papua New Guinea and have signed up to assist in populating/vectorizing data in this part of the world.

Thanks in advance for assistance if someone can shed professional help here.


Could you take a screenshot?

Are you using iD on www.openstreetmap.org and the language is Spanish?