Missing Data

Hi, I have just sat down for a lunctime editing session and noticed a number of ways missing around Wraysbury. The nodes are still there but no attributes or history. Can anyone explain?

It is probably due to the licence change. OpenStreetMap is changing to a new licence, so it is necessary to delete anything added by users who have not agreed to the new licence. See http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/License/We_Are_Changing_The_License
This is not actually affected the UK much, as most contributors have agreed to the change, plus things have been remapped before the deletions. But there might be a few places which now have things missing. And there are some cases where the way has been deleted, but the nodes are left, or where untagged objects are left.

All of the automated deletions have finished, so you can now remap things in the usual way - from surveying, aerial imagery, or OS OpenData etc. You can now add missing tags back to ways, or if the nodes are left you can reuse them by drawing a new way. Just so long as don’t copy from old versions of the data which has now been deleted.