Missing basemap

Hi folks,

I began mapping the small rural town of Orange in the state of New South Wales, Australia. According to the background settings, the NSW LPI Imagery is the best known imagery source for this location, however, the imagery doesn’t not appear even though it is selected - the background is black. Selecting the LPI NSW Basemap and LPI NSW Topographic map, they also appear black.

Anyone know where these background images went, and how I can get them back?


Have you been using it successfully in the past, or was it blank from the beginning?

There’s nothing wrong with using other than best imagery, keeping in mind that satellite imagery by Bing/Mapbox etc. can sometimes have minor alignment errors (usually 5 m max) - as they lack precise on-the-ground data the national agencies can use to callibrate imagery. You will be OK however as long as you don’t move existing objects en masse, and check alignment of roads with GPS traces layer. You can align imagery with buttons that are provided in the editor (tip: disabling visibility of streets can be helpful)

Keep in mind this list is only a collection of links to imagery, so we can’t tell what’s wrong on their (LPI) side.
I guess you can contact them, pointing at http://maps.six.nsw.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/public/NSW_Imagery/MapServer/tile/{zoom}/{y}/{x} being down.

I can confirm that the the LPI imagery, basemap and topo also come up black for me in JOSM and iD.
The LPI info page is down too, but this LPI info page is up.
I guess there server is down temporarily.
Bing and Mapbox imagery is displaying ok.

edit: just noticed this on the LPI Online Portal page…
“LPI will be undertaking system maintenance of the LPI Online Portal between 18:00, 9 December 2016 to 18:00, 10 December 2016 and 20:00 to 22:00, 12 December 2016. All products and services will be unavailable during this period.” so likely reason.

The the LPI NSW basemaps were available yesterday.

I’ll see about contacting the organisation to find out what’s going on with their servers.

Thanks for the reply.

LPI data available for osm again now but there is another interruption scheluded tonight - 20:00 to 22:00, 12 December 2016