Mio/Magellan OSM file type


Apologies for this if I’m posting in the wrong forum.

I’ve found a way to upload newer OSM / TA maps to my old Mio Cyclo 505 device.

But, the OSM map is looking a little out of date to me and I wondered if there is a way to analyse or would someone perhaps recognise, what type/flavour of OSM maps are being used by Mio so I can prepare a fresh version for my nav?

The files are a little big but I guess I could post links to them if it would help anyone?



Hello Joebongo, you wrote:

I’m also using a Mio Cyclo 500 (similar unit as the 505) and found out that Mio is not supporting with new map updates anymore. It would be nice if you could explain in detail how you installed newer OFM maps on your device.

The latest map I am using is OFM_DBNL(04-07-2020) with bike ways in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Hi Hans,

Sorry I didn’t reply last year - I missed this. I simply copied over the map files from newer devices. It all seemed to be ok but then some features went a bit wrong so I ended up reverting back to the normal ones.

I’m still trying to find software that will allow editing of the maps as for my local area I could manually update the few changes that have been made.

The files are in machine code, not even ASCII so it’s proven impossible for me so far to make any progress with editing.