Minicab offices?

Is there a key for minicab offices?

amenity=taxi? Not sure if it fits what you’re looking for.

Sorry, only just saw this thread…

“amenity=taxi” won’t fly, as Taxi is a “reserved term”, applied to vehicles that are licenced to “ply for hire” - minicab licences specifically prohibit that ability in the UK, and by law have to be pre-booked, so a more appropriate tag might be applied as a booking office, for the base office where the minicabs operate from. Problem is that no such tag currently exists (, so it might be an idea, if there is sufficient demand, to propose the creation of a new tag, say “amenity=private_car_hire_office” or “amenity=minicab_office”.

My five penn’worth, anyhow :slight_smile:

Roger, take care that tags in OSM are frequently not used in their strict legal meanings (for instance highway=trunk, highway=primary, place=city, amenity=bank and others) and users who assume they are sometimes come unstuck. Whether the tag is best here is a different matter…