Migration of PostgreSQL - database for OSM


My OSM is configure on PostgreSQL 9.1.6. I have to move it to new server and new PostgreSQL in version 9.6. It is better to create dump from old database and import it on new one, or make fresh installation?

Maybe I should ask in simpler way… Is there any changes in database schema in OSM between Postgres version 9.1.6 and 9.6?

What type of “OSM DB”?
Assuming it’s the most used type of OSM DB, a rendering-database: the database-scheme does not really depend on the postgres-version, but on the osm2pgsql-version (or whatever tool you use for creating and updating it) and the dbstyle used. So assuming that did not change, neither should the database-scheme.
However, I would just start with a fresh import. That will get rid of any errors you have collected in your DB through one of the frequent replication-fSCKups (where 0 byte files are published on planet.openstreetmap.org and later silently exchanged). And while the dump/import-version would probably be faster, it would also use a lot of disk space for the dump.

OK, thank you for answer and for your suggestion. It’s clear for me now.