Migration of forum towards community

As the software used for the forum is since long out of active maintenance it gets harder and harder for the admins to run.

A new home for community discussions was created at https://community.openstreetmap.org/

I requested a sub-section for Thailand, so we continue to have a home for open discussions about Thailand related topics.

Do you have specific wishes of what should be done as part of the transition?

I already wished for a way to preserve the old content in one way or the other so we can link to it. It does contain some valuable discussions about specific tagging schemes we consider relevant for Thailand.

Here a link to the request:

There you can also comment about new sub-category for Thailand within the new community site.

I think as long as all the previous links continue to work, I look forward to the new platform :slight_smile:

If you want to to follow discussion regarding migrating content from old forum, the relevant discussion topic is this one:

There was a wish to propose another moderator role for the new sub-forum. Are there any candidates? Please respond here, and finally also over at the community site in the linked topic.

To be explicit: The proposed process is to have three moderator roles defined. I proposed in the initial request for a subforum the existing moderators, which would be Mishari and me. So either an additional candidate or even more fresh moderators.

@Mishari: For formal reasons you will also need to post your consent over there that you are willing to continue with the moderation role

Could you please list out the responsibilities of the new community site moderator?

The administration team on the community site plans to my understanding some additional documentation about responsibilities for moderation. They also think about a more formal process of probably yearly having moderators confirmed by community.

A moderator in the forum had to moderate. That means to take care all are following the Etiquette (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Etiquette/Etiquette_Guidelines), stay reasonably friendly in discussions and on topic.

From technical side, users can report (in new terms “flag”) posts, which then undergo closer review by moderators. In the past this was mainly handling spam posts of whatever kind of advertising.

In the Thailand forum this largely worked already by itself as community members are not attacking each others. So mostly it is to be prepared for this case.

Do we have one of the Thai nationals considering that this might be something they could do? This might be another step towards transitioning the more expat community into a Thai community.

Thanks for the clarifications :slight_smile:

I would definitely suggest @nitinatsangsit with the role if he’s ok with this. He’s very knowledgeable, active, and diplomatic.

Thanks. I’m ok with this task, of course.

Thanks nitinatsangsit,

Please head over to the new community site and for formal reasons confirm there that you are willing to serve in the moderator role for the newly to be created Thailand subcategory.


@Mishari: Same for you. Please confirm over there your willingness to serve as moderator.