Migrating content from old forums

I will add a workaround for the index.php issue.

Atom and RSS feeds, briefly looking into it, it looks quite complex to fix. I’ll likely add an ugly hack to point all old forum feeds to a static feed with a message asking the person to update their feed links. I don’t want burn a huge amount more time.

The &p= issue, I’ll create a regex which strips the page portion of the URL on redirect.


The forum... and forum.../index.php should redirect to the main page of Discourse, which I gathered would happen anyway when you shut down the forum completely.

For the RSS, I’m not too fussed, that’s like three pages and I bet nobody clicked on that link in a year or two :wink:

The old forum’s page size was 25, so you could always redirect to t/nnn/<topic-slack>/<(&p=x-1)*25+1>/ to get to the first post for that “page” (should you happen to suffer from boredom :rofl:)

Added a horrible fix for this, the issue is the ruby-bbcode-to-md library had a regex which didn’t cover this case. Will be fixed on the next site rebuild.


An easier solution would be to redirect them to the topic itself. We can easily fix those 19 links and make them even better, linking to the right item in the topic. Forum-intern links will working too. Only really lengthy discussion won’t be comfortable, same with links from extern. I could live with that, because the search function of Discourse is really impressive.


Test Import site reset again. Import running again.


  • […] (and likely other similar)
  • Post order bug

My proposed solution was to be taken with a grain or two of salt, I should’ve made that clearer.

Once the migration is complete, I’ll just change the links in the Wiki to point to the correct item.


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I have reset the test import site again, restarting the import again shortly.
The import will take 24 hours and permalinks will not work until importer is done.


Importer still running. Found another formatting issue with [code] block newlines. Add failing code newline/br test · Firefishy/ruby-bbcode-to-md@132b46c · GitHub


I’m very impressed by the work which has been done. But when is enough enough? How many old posts are affected by the remaining issues? Isn’t easier manually fix those one by one, then trying to find the solution which will fix all (?) problems?


I think I am now done. I fixed the [code] bug which was inserting floating <br>.

The import is looking more than good enough to me now.


The changeset comments and discussions could contain hyperlinks to forum topics and messages.
Is it planed to convert them?

The old URLs will continue to work and redirect to the imported topics.

See Migrating content from old forums - #214 by Firefishy


The question was not about a redirect.
The redirect server will be stoped at some time in the future because it is just additional utility and work or do not work independently.

There is no redirect server. Permalinks are supported by Discourse software.


I have started the final test import run, it will complete in approximately 24 hours.

The real LIVE import into community.openstreetmap.org will happen next week. (Week of 6th March 2023). The forum and community may be unavailable for upto 2 days during the import.


Arghh! :dizzy_face: :astonished: :face_with_spiral_eyes: But what will we all do??? :rofl:

And moreover what will happen to my
badge then … :sob: :sob: :sob:

You should hurry up and write your comments initially scheduled for March 6-8 now so they are available on time :rofl:

@Map_HeRo, the answer of your question won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980 :grin:.

Final test import finished earlier today. Next week will be real import to this community site.