Migrating content from old forums

I think I am now done. I fixed the [code] bug which was inserting floating <br>.

The import is looking more than good enough to me now.


The changeset comments and discussions could contain hyperlinks to forum topics and messages.
Is it planed to convert them?

The old URLs will continue to work and redirect to the imported topics.

See Migrating content from old forums - #214 by Firefishy


The question was not about a redirect.
The redirect server will be stoped at some time in the future because it is just additional utility and work or do not work independently.

There is no redirect server. Permalinks are supported by Discourse software.


I have started the final test import run, it will complete in approximately 24 hours.

The real LIVE import into community.openstreetmap.org will happen next week. (Week of 6th March 2023). The forum and community may be unavailable for upto 2 days during the import.


Arghh! :dizzy_face: :astonished: :face_with_spiral_eyes: But what will we all do??? :rofl:

And moreover what will happen to my
badge then … :sob: :sob: :sob:

You should hurry up and write your comments initially scheduled for March 6-8 now so they are available on time :rofl:

@Map_HeRo, the answer of your question won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980 :grin:.

Final test import finished earlier today. Next week will be real import to this community site.


Re changing the post-specific links in the Wiki, can I pretend the links (slack/topic IDs) will stay the same as in the test import?

IDs are dynamically generated and only known at time of import.

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Ok, than I’ll just wait until the import is done and dusted. Thx.

Oh… can’t someone find a bug so that we can reach the next milestone of 330,000 posts in the old DE forum? Oops… :slight_smile: A little joke. But by the way, individual technical discussions still take place here. So long running posts are not taken out of context!


I think the conclusion has been reached: first milestone: 330,000 contributions: MitteloberrheinischerWaldameisenschreck

The next symmetry of contributions has also been achieved: 330.033: User Map_HeRo

The final supersymmetry of the 333,333 posts of the old German forum would now be a very hard job!

OSM is leisure, hobby and occasionally fun… That’s part of it! Thank you.

Better convert now! :slight_smile:



https://forum.openstreetmap.org is down since midnight.

The final import of the old forum has started.

:smiley: :+1:

Once the import is done (~ Wednesday morning UTC), I will then get the old urls working. For now the old forum is completely offline during the import.


21k of 53k topics are already imported. :+1:


572000 / 847796 (67%) of posts now imported.