Migrate/import photos from Mapillary to KartaView

Does anyone know of a (currently working) tool that allows importing one’s Mapillary photos to KartaView (formerly OpenStretCam)?

There used to be Photosync, but it hasn’t been working for over a year now, as seen in the announcement thread. Ay help would be appreciated!


I contacted KartaView relatively recently about this, and they suggested simply uploading again (e.g. with their https://github.com/kartaview/upload-scripts)

Oh, too bad. Unfortunately I don’t have the original images anymore, as I uploaded them using the Mapillary mobile app which deletes the photos from the device after uploading.

AFAICT there’s no option in the Mapillary web app to download a backup of one’s images. It seems like my only option would be to submit a personalized support request to Mapillary, asking for a backup of my data, and then upload them to KartaView. Honestly, I’m not convinced the effort is worth it.

If a tool like Photosync was available, I’d happily use it, though.

There’s also the option to use the API to download your images. Some pointers here: Download Mapilarry images with API v4 - #4 by jerrymark611 - Imagery - Mapillary Community Forum

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Thanks for the pointers! That’s still more effort than I’d like, but it will sure come in handy.

I used this tool, when Facebook acquired Mapillary. I moved all my images to OSC (now Kartaview).



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Thanks, @chris_debian. Unfortunately, the tool mentioned in that reddit thread is the same one I mentioned in the opening comment above, photosync. I also have used it in the past successfully, but it hasn’t been working for over a year now.

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@waldyrious Ahh, sorry about that. My mistake.


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