Mexico map - blue ocean block covering land


I use a Garmin nuvi 1350 with OpenStreetMaps. A large chunk of land is covered in a blue ocean block but the roads show up fine, floating on the water :laughing:

I have tried a handful of Mexico maps from various sites listed here, but they all have the same problem. Other parts of the coast show up fine, so I’m assuming it’s something that needs to be fixed in OSM, or in the conversion to the Garmin img format. I couldn’t find this block in the OSM editor.

Images of the coverage area, and the GPS are here.

Any ideas?

I dont see this issue on the OSM generic map from Mexico, so maybe this is already solved?

Same problem using that map. The blue box still shows up on the GPS.

Then I suppose there is an issue with how you have installed those maps on your device.
You can check this with Javawa Device Manager for errors.