Meteo OSM layer

Hello everybody,

I am new to this community yet I studied the basics of it. I am trying to develop an site like I put a big link because the site it’s in Swedish and the full link takes you to what I want to show.

I want my site to show 2 different layers … The first one is the map, an regular OSM map, and the second layer is the same map but with meteo objects on it (on hitta you can see the meteo layer selecting - Väder on Fler kartfunktioner).

I talked with Steve Coast on email and he assured me this can be done with OSM maps and API but i didn’t want to disturb him too much, asking exactly how I can do this.I think he has already a busy schedule without my site problems. So I took the chance and created this post hoping someone will guide me.

I am familiar with JOSM (basic notions), I know what Osmarender and Mapnik are. I also saw Steve’s CloudMade API project.

Thank you

I have no idea how to put text on an OpenLayers map, but there are workarounds

You use Open layers for this, then use Openstreetmap layer with markers. Then render your own images to use as markers with text and everything in it.

more info:

make links like this:


thank you, emj

I will study Openlayers Markers …

lycka till

The problem with OpenLayers Markers is that they are very, very basic (nothing near the marker flexibility like in Google Maps). What you need to look at is using an Feature as a marker to describe the POI. This feature is given an image to show the marker sign on the map and an on_click event to show a popup describing the POI. The OpenLayers examples library can give you an idea what’s possible, like this one showing all kinds of popups

So you want change the code of popups so that it doesn’t requirer a marker and is loaded and popup:ed directly when you load the page.

Not specifically, the example I gave is just to show how you can create and Google like Marker in OpenLayers: look at the function ‘addMarker’.

Well the Meteo layer above is basically a bunch of popups, that are popuped when loaded without an onclick.