Message thread for "Thailand road geometry" users.

(This post is directed specifically at a few users which makes “Thailand road geometry” edits. I am commenting on their changesets and sending them here, you can find more details about why here)

Dear CSmart, audreyeh, Ang11, mediatrixlopez, svuong08, KT47, Chcastillo, and UjiUji.

We have noticed that you are all new editors at OpenStreetMap, and we can tell that you are all eager to contribute.

Unfortunately some of your edits contain mistakes that deletes existing important data like major highways. I assume this is a mistake, or a possible bug in the tool you are working with. We would however appreciate if you could pause your edits until we figure out what is going on.

To better understand what is going on, we would appreciate it if you could help us answer a few basic questions and maybe introduce yourselves.

  1. Where are you located? (knowing about your timezones helps with communication).
  2. Do you know each other?
  3. How did you get involved with OpenStreetMap (are you all students of a specific class?)
  4. What is the source of your data (did you trace it yourself, or is this an import from somewhere?)
  5. What tools are you working with, the edits says JOSM, but are you using specific plugins?
  6. What does the changeset comments mean?

Please don’t be discouraged from contributing to OpenStreetMap, mistakes happen and I am sure we can get this sorted out and improve your future edits.

I can see lots of deletes of ways and nodes in the changesets, edits of GPS surveyed roads and paths, adding of lots of residential roads in rural areas… It would be best if this group of users state their intentions and discuss things with others here in the Thailand OSM forum before editing further. Many/all changesets could need reverting.