Message "loading data, please wait"


I had hoped to download a map from South East Asia and have no trouble connecting to “” However, when I get there I see the usual menu system and two messages saying “loading data, please wait” and the flashing circles. I have waited for the last 12 hours now and am not sure that I am doing it right. I would really appreciate learning if I am doing something wrong. Are you able to select maps? Any suggestions for me?

Thank you very much,

[moot since a moderator moved this thread to the right sub-forum]

Dear Viajero Perdido and all,

Maybe my query and request for help was moot, I apologize to those who thought it was moot.

For those who did not think it was moot: I received the message “loading data, please wait” on my desktop (pc) and on my notepad (Android). I did not get this message on my phone (Android) and used my phone to request a map which was “made” immediately since there were no other requests in the cue. I have since had one more requests (made on my phone) for a map responded to. It is a bit awkward on the small screen.

Both maps load well on my desktop.

This does not make sense to me but it works! Maybe this awkward solution works for you as well.

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I meant, my original comment was moot. I no longer needed to point out the correct sub-forum, because a moderator moved this thread there.

If you look around at the adjacent threads, you’ll probably see other discussions about the issue, maybe a solution. Good luck.