Merkaartor: Windows testing releases towards version 0.18.3

Thanks to the efforts from Ladislav Láska (aka we have recent test builds of Merkaartor (see in general) for the upcoming release of version 0.18.3

See the postings on the Merkaartor mailing list from January 2016, there are links (maybe temporary) for 32bit and 64bit Windows exe files:

Do you still remember the Merkaartor editor for OSM data? :slight_smile:

Maybe Merkaartor can be interesting on PC where no JAVA Runtime Envoronment is available, what is needed by JOSM …

If you are familiar with extensive OSM data editing, or also with testing a QT based desktop application, why not give a try to these test builds?
Because we need more testing users to find all errors and maybe missing features.

Report any issues on if you have a github account,
or in this thread, also don’t hesitate to ask general questions here if you want.

We also need feedback about translation status of UI text elements … does your language work? and is it complete in translation? (Translations are done via transifex online service.)

It seems that Ladislav now offers Merkaartor nightly builds!

see for download.

Is there anyone successful with program text translations?

Because German language does NOT seem to work …

EDIT: see mailinglist

for announcement.

Have just realized Merkaartor is still alive, occasionally a new commit appears on github! :slight_smile:

Yet the homepage still looks quite dead again, after a short revival 2016.
It’s a pity that the development of this powerful editor has fallen so far behind, for extreme lack of developer time for ages. Perhaps there’s still hope again. What I like is that it needs neither Java nor Flash, and years ago it was the only editor to still run on my ancient computer. But a nightmare was the extremely steep learning curve. Endless trial+error, hardly any other users around which could help, and there’s not even a manual - or so I had thought for a far too long time. And the homepage still gives this impression:
(unless I’m overlooking something, but the page is so bare-bone, it doesn’t even have screenshots anymore)
But there actually exists an old **manual **- over here:
In english, german, russian. etc. Certainly important for beginners.
And perhaps it can be added at least as link to the homepage.


we have a fresh release of Merkaartor 0.18.4


… and finally there is the very fresh release of version 0.19 available,

at least on