Merkaartor - Resolving Conflicts

While editing in Merkaartor I was prevented from uploading changes because of a conflict. When I examined the conflict it turned out to be an entire road. However, I couldn’t figure out how to resolve the conflict. No conflicting points were highlighted, just an entire way. The Merkaartor manual ( states: “Note : conflict resolution for roads is not yet implemented.”

So, what to do? I could neither save nor upload the changes I made without resolving the conflict, but Merkaartor gave me no way to do so.

I don’t think there are any ways of resolving conflicts yet in any editor. Unfortunately you may have to start your editing from scratch with fresh OSM data.

@Alex McKee: You’re only kidding, right?

If not, may I gently lead you on the path of JOSM?

After using Merkaartor, JOSM feels like a toy.

No, actually. I’m sorry if I’m wrong. Does JOSM have conflict resolution, then?

I don’t use JOSM very much (I do use it though) and I had a nasty conflict a few months back whilst adding the Cotswolds AONB. Eventually I gave up and added it in Potlatch, which was very time consuming.

Yes, JOSM supports conflict resolution. I believe it is in active development, so parts might not yet be fully debugged, and there may be scenarios where no conflict resolution can succeed. But I ran into a conflict issue recently where a route relation was edited in another state during my edit session. JOSM’s relation conflict handled this perfectly - a multistep process that I had to think about, but in the end it worked!

Thanks for the extra info. :slight_smile:

A few months ago, the first month or 2 after API 0.6 went live, the conflict detection was very broken at times, or simply not working at other times. A lot has happened since then, but they still find the occasional issue now and then.

If Merkaartor has no conflict resolution whatsoever, I have to ask: which is the toy and which is the tool to actually get things done?

Merkaartor does have conflict resolution, just not with entire roads; points only. I suppose the tool you use is largely a matter of personal preference. I just find Merkaator to be more intuitive for this rank beginner. I find it much easier to trace GPS tracks with Merkaator than with JOSM.

Another question on conflicts: The conflict which Merkaator highlighted but could not resolve was an entire road. I later looked at the history for the area I was editing and couldn’t see an edit by anyone but me. How could a conflict arise in a situation like that?

That sounds like something to raise with the Merkaartor developers.

Hello Buadhai

It has happened the same to me sometimes with Merkaartor.

When I have these nasty conflicts I sometimes do something like this:

  • save the problematic track
  • delete it
  • upload the rest of changes to OSM
  • close, open the program ( :slight_smile: )
  • reload the problematic track
  • download the area from OSM to see that everything matches
  • upload it to OSM

This is not very nice and clean… but while I prefer Merkaartor sometimes these things happened to me too.

Best regards