Merging GraphHooper and Track QA Map

It’s my first post on the forum, so I would like to say hello to everybody!

I would like to create an commercial Android GPS app that allows to route a way depending on a speed limit and a vehicle restrictions such us its hight and width. I picked GraphHooper as a routing engine ( and because it does not provide informations about the vehicle’s size, I want to add some of the Truck QA Map tags ( and apply it to the GraphHooper’s algorithm.

The problem is that GraphHooper is writen in Java and from what I see on the GitHub (, QA Map is based on javascript, php and css.

My question is, is it possible to apply javascript, php and css code to the android project? At this moment I’m considering different solutions and I wonder if it could be done in general. If yes, how it can be done?

Thank you in advance for all the responses! :slight_smile:

I would recommend to ask such a special question on the graphhopper mailing list as linked at

There is at least one android app that uses graphhopper offline routing:

Although it is closed source app, the developer (named emux) is quite active on the mapsforge mailinglist, see … maybe it si worth asking him.

and also have a look at … this offers also offline routing on android, but no experience from me yet.


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