Merge multiple countries to create one single map file

Hello all,

At this point I am using a garmin 62s device and I am planing to have a trip From Romania to Bulgaria, Macedonia Albania Montenegro Serbia.

I have downloaded specific maps from I have used a custom TYP file that I have created and like and all seems ok but the problem is that if I add all the mentioned countries some are not in my maplist in the GPS (they all have different names like: Romania_OSM_v0314, Bulgaria_OSM_v0314 etc)

One option would be to download all countries and merge them into a big mapfile that I can then upload in my unit.
What software can I use to do this fast and safe?

Mkgmap can combine multiple .img files.
Did you try doing one download of the whole area from by manually selecting all the areas instead of country by country or was it too big.

I know about manual selections but I am afraid that I will omit some parts. On the other hand I considered that combinig multiple countries I will get the safest resuls…perhaps also removing duplicated parts etc.
I will gite it a try with mkgmap

You can make a custom mapset with multiple countries.
If the mapset gets bigger > 4gb, you can combine all imgs with

Great…that worked.
Only problem now is that I can’t “route” with this map. If I try to go from A to B in Garmin Software it drows a direct line – is not routing on roads and in the GPS device gpsmap 62s it says that map has no routing capabilities in that part of the world. (I have tried from my home to work and still not working)

How can I solve this? :slight_smile:

Thats weird, did you combine the maps with osmcombiner?

Yep…from the location where you have pointed me downloaded.
Also in the exact order that I will pass through the countries I have downloaded them from garmin openstreetmap nl and downloaded the versions for Linux.
Extracted and followed the steps… all worked like a charm but …surprise == > no routing :slight_smile:

Are your routing settings correct (no “direct routing”)?
Maybe the distance between the routing points are too large?
Other options I dont have, sorry.