Merge diferent osm data in single osm

Hello! I’m new here, though spend some time to study wiki.

Please, refere me to the topics or FAQ answers if any, or share your ideas about my question.

I need to create the map (downloading from OSM), which tool is the best to download any selected region. JOSM seem can download only small regions. Some online applications only big one. I need the maps up to 5x5 km.

Than I want to create separate layers (layer1.osm layer2.osm layer3.osm …) with some objects in each.

After I need to combine map.osm with layer1.osm into map1.osm in different combinations (map+layer2 or map+layer1+layer3). Wich tool is the best choice for this, if it is possible to do at all. Is it possible to do on server, depending on the user choice?

I thankful beforehand for any answer.

There are several 3rd party APIs that serve OSM data, including the Overpass_API and different providers of an XAPI interface (e.g. Mapquest).

The APIs mentioned above have (albeit limited) filter capabilities. For more flexibility, you use tools such as Osmosis or Osmfilter. Osmosis can also be used to merge files. Calling them from a server script depending on users’ inputs should absolutely be possible.

… and when you have your desired osm files for the different layers you can try to load them into JOSM where you can define a new layer for each file. Then you can combine your data like you want.

To render that osm data is another topic …

Unlike merging with Osmosis, loading data into JOSM cannot easily be performed on a server. Using JOSM would require a user to manually initiate every single merge process.

It’s a good suggestion if the number of files is small, but that’s not how I understood the original question.

Thank you for the answer. As demonstrated in wiki Osmosis is the most power tool to work with osm data. will study in details it.