Memorial tagging

Preposal for better and unified tagging of memorials

At first sorry that my english is not so good, but i think you should be able to able to understand what i mean.

For a few days i tryed to start tagging a part of the holocaust- memorial „Stolpersteine“ in my town in germany and found out that there is no unique tagging for that and that some tags are bad. The reason maybe be that the tagging is stontinously grown out of the community. By searching for solution to tag this better i found out that tagging of all memorials look not really elaborated. After that i thought about it by my self and worked out following tagging pattern. It my not complete and perfect but i thing it shows a good way to make it better.


analog to memorial=war_memorial

memorial=stolperstein is wrong because a single stone is not a genocide memorial. Thousands of stones belong to this memorial and because of that the name is „Stolperteine“

plaque is the label on wikipedia for the stones

inscription= …

name (_of_victim )= …
it is the public standard to give such memorials the name of the one that it is dedicatet to
( name_of_victim ) thems me more adequate in this case

heritage ( for memorials that are part of a offical list of protected memorials )

Additinoal to the official data in the german memorial list

heritage:criteria=genocide_memorial memorial_type=concentration_camp, mass grave or
cemetry ?, railway_waggon (deportation) ?, gas_van ?

	  =war_memorial 	        		         =tank, aircraft, flak, bunker ?, etc.
	  =building_memorial	 		         =house, church, factory, bunker (sind als 								Baudenkmal eingetragen), etc.

	  =natural_memorial			         =tree. etc.

	  =cultural_memorial                       	         =buildings & graves of historic persons ?
heritage:culture_type=science, religion, art
sciencce_type=astronomy, physic, medicine, etc.
religion_type= ...
art_type=literature, music, architecture, etc,

memorial (for everything that is an memorial but is not protevted )

memorial:criteria=war_memorial, genocide_memorial, cultural_monument, heritage_building, natural_monument

memorial:type=plaque, sculptur, grave, statue,

memorial;culture_type=science, religion, art

inscription= …
name= …

historic ( for things that are a part of the human cultural history but not a heritage or a memorial )

Taggin analog to heritage and memorial.

Remark to memorial : Maybe monument could be better word ( only in the case of genocide the word memoial thems to be without alternativ. Another reason for using monument could be that it can be tagt parallel to old data, so that recognitioner have time to male their code compatible to the new tagiging.

Remark to type : Maybe subject would be better, because subject is used for artworks and thems to mean the same for me. Using that would make tagging once more a litle bit homogenious. The second reason is like above, the posibility of parallel tagging.
To change subject to type could be also a be a solution to make the tagging more unique.

      MfG Kelso