Meetup in Edinburgh


The majority of the streets in Edinburgh have been named. I thought this would be a good time to organise a meetup of all the mappers in Edinburgh.

After looking around for a place to meet I thought either


Both have wi-fi

I thought the first might be good because it is easier for people from Glasgow to get to and the second because it has a hall that could be rented later for a second meeting for a talk where we could get more people interested.

For this meet up I hope that we can find out who is around in the Edinburgh Area and to find out what they are interested in, with this in mind I thought that a Saturday afternoon at the Forrest cafe would be best.

Before posting this as an official meetup on the front page of openstreetmap I thought I would open the idea up for discussion first because this is the first time I have organised one of these events and would welcome ideas.