Meetup in Chiang Mai

Hi All,

I’ll be in CM today, Tuesday, Wednesday and would love to catch up with fellow OSMers while I’m there to chat, discuss and show off some stuff we’re working on. I’m already in touch with Johnny and Stephan, perhaps we can meet at Guru’s Box on Tuesday night?

Correction: We will meet at C:A:M:P. in Maya (5th floor). Starting from around 18.00. Guests are always welcome.


Sorry to miss you Mishari. I am in Chiang Rai for the next few days. Not returning until Thursday afternoon.


I’ll be there,

talked with Johnny and Mishari today.

We will meet at C:A:M:P. in Maya (5th floor). Startibg from around 18.00 we’ll be there. Guests are always welcome.

Shame I cant make it - I’m off to Nan overnight.