Meeting at Wikimedia Hackaton: 31.3-3.4 (2016)

Wikimedia Israel hosts an international hackathon at the weekend (Thu.-Sun) 31-Mar - 3-Apr in Jerusalem:

One of the guests arriving will be a Mediawiki foundation employee who works in OpenStreetMap integration with various Mediawiki projects (Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, and such):

I think it would be interesting to meet him. Though would also be an interesting opportunity to meet. I’m going to be there on Thur. evening through Saturday Evening. Anybody else wants to meet?

I’m also on IRC (channel #osm-il in OFTC).

I’d probably be interested to meet.

As there has been only been a single reply so far: I tentatively set this meeting to Thursday evening at 20:00. I didn’t yet check this with anybody and I don’t know the schedule. I guess Friday evening would be the most convenient for me, but maybe not that easy to all others.