medical clinics

I need to put a few of these as poi on our local map but can only find “hospital” in the amenities list. The medical clinics in our area involve 2 or 3 doctors and provide non emergency care - people who may tie up an emergency dept. at a hospital for minor complaints will usually go to the clinic instead.

Any ideas would be appreciated or if someone can point me in the correct direction.

I also have a few buildings that aren’t listed in the amenities section (potlatch 2) but would be nice to label - eg. an office for our local irrigation (water) district. How can I label that as a point of interest?

Thanks again.


Hi, the “amenity=doctors” key might get you started: ; that page also lists an “amenity=clinic” key

There is a whole office classification separate from the amenities.

Also you can add things which are not listed in the Potlatch pressets.

Double click on the map to add a point. Then click on the ‘Advanced’ button at the bottom of the side panel.
You can then type in the key and values for whatever tags you like.
Check the Map Features page in the wiki to see what tags are in use.

Thanks for the replies particularly about double clicking at a point on the map - that is something I needed to know.