Meaning of hashag #amm

Hi everyone,

I was just looking at the most commonly used hashtags in OSM and found out that #amm is pretty often used.
I tried to cross-check in forums or the internet but I could’t find out for what it stands.
Maybe someone of you knows and can tell me.

I am relatively new to OSM, but right now I am doing a bit of research for myself on the OSM changeset comments.
I would be glad if someone could tell me what #amm is about.

Unfortunately a number of users seem to be using hashtags in changeset comments instead of providing meaningful natural language text.

I’d suggest asking a user of that hashtag what it means. If you don’t want to do that yourself the DWG would be happy to do that for you - drop as a mail at explaining the issue and linking to one or more example changesets.

  • Andy (from the DWG)

(edited to add “want to” to the last sentence, which was what I meant to say).

Thank you, Andy!
I just asked a user and we will see. If no one answers, I will follow the path of the DWG like you suggested.

  • Susanne

Looking at the leaderboards for the hashtag on Missing Maps ( I suspect a connection with Apple here.

Although the documented hashtag for Apple Teams is #adt it might have been a hashtag in the past for some projects.