May I join you ?

Hi everyone,
By way of a brief introduction, my name is Russ, and over the last few months have been adding a fair bit of data to the Thailand map.
It all started last year, when I used OSM as a means to record my GPS traces of the off-road tracks we were riding around Chiang Mai. I soon realised that in rural areas, there were quite a few main roads I had ridden that had not been mapped.
Shortly thereafter Stephan brought it to my attention that we could now use Bing, so I started to expand on the cities I had ridden through, and so the addiction started. Now my 1-2 hours a day adding to the map, I consider “therapy” until I get back there !!
Im learning more about how we should map Thai every day, and have only just found this forum, which will help a lot as this group is naturally more specific to Thai.
One question - I see 16 members on
…how do I add myself to this page ?
Rgds, Russ.

You need to have an account on the wiki (do you have?). Then you may go to your wiki user page and add

[[Category:Users in Thailand|russmcd]]
  • given “russmcd” would be your wiki account name.
    It is possible to view the source code for all pages, so you can also check at the pages for other users how they did.


Welcome to the forum.

Bing images make mapping a lot easier and better. My mapping changed quite a bit since Bing images are available for Thailand.

Thanks Guys - I have created a brief User page, and posted the above code, with my correct name, but so far, its not showing up. I’ll check it again in a few days.


If you let me (mail)/us know your page I think we can fix that…

There are 2 systems with separate user pages:

  • profile page: Simple, no formatting.
    I see you entered already “Retired - based in Southampton, UK.”

  • wiki page: HTML formatting.
    This page is still empty. Thus I assume you added “[[Category:Users in Thailand|Russ McD]]” to the other instead to this page.

On [my profile page]( I added only a link to [my wiki page]( You can look at my or the wiki pages of others in edit mode and see how to do it. You even can change them. Thus if you want we can change your page.

Thanks Guys … had no idea there was two pages… I had created my original entry in
Have now created a duplicate at
… and it works !
Cheers, Russ.