May I ask why my osm layer is black, and I can't download the layer from osm

I’d assume there are no ways around koors 0.01/0.08?

What should I do?

What would you like to do? You could use the “Download from OSM” tab instead of using Overpass for example.

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But it is also like this, I want to ask how to do it

I heard from friends that some plug-ins need to be installed so that josm can be used normally, but I don’t know which ones

Mmh, that is strange. Maybe something is blocking access. May I ask where you are located?

Concerning plug-ins: yes, there are some very useful plug-ins, but you can use JOSM perfectly without those as well. So that should not be the problem here.

I am from China

That could be a reason. Maybe OSM content is blocked by the government. But to be honest, I am not too familiar with what is currently blocked. Let’s just wait a moment for more people to read this thread, maybe someone else can help.


ok,thank you!

yes, from your screenshots it looks as if there are network problems

i know how to solve

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Is showing map for you?

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Maybe it would be wise to ask the China community, they should know if OSM content may be blocked and how to deal with it.