Maximum speed update

Looks like soon we’ll have to update max_speed tags on some roads:,7340,L-4324274,00.html

In short, soon, maximum speed of some roads will be raised:

6 - 120
1 - 110 (between Ganot junction and Ben-Shemen junction, and also between Latrun junction and Shaar-HaGay junction)
2 - 110 (between Keysaria and Atlit), later, after road reconstruction, speed will be raised to the 110 until Haifa
471 - 110 (between Bar Ilan junction and Nahshonim junction)
5 - 100 (between Kfar Yarok junction and Rosh HaAin jinction)

1,2,471 and 5 will get update in couple of weeks, 6 - little later.

Can you give us a small sumary why we should update it?