Maxheight tag

Hi All,
Once I collected values of max height for most bridges on Ayalon highway. Then I cut roads before and after bridge and applied maxheight tag on the part under the bridge.

Today I thinking about another way - setting maxheight tag on large part of road from nearest entrance to the road and until next exit, in other words - if you can’t go off the road with is passes under the bridge - the maxheight limit applies on the whole part. And if there is more than one height limits on this part - to use the lower one.

Any thought about this?
How would you apply this tag?

I like your new way. It is better for navigation.

Would be great to have such informations.
Of course its always hard to define max height and their are a lot of discussions about this topic.

In my opinion it would make sense to define the max height only bellow the bridge.
Why? because everything else is not correct. Even if it makes sense that a truck will not be able to pass the bridge.
The truck is only not able to drive bellow the bridge. But he is allowed to drive the rest of the road. This is a fact.
We should not make definitions only for navigation.

Beside that I’m not sure if I will ever drive a very high truck in Israel :slight_smile:

I tend to agree with Mr_Israel. If you have the resources, then tagging under the bridge seems best, as it is the most accurate. If not, then tagging the whole section seems better than not tagging at all, maybe adding a FIXME note for later reference.


I’m currently working on an Overpass API-based prototype to show truck related tags in OSM, including maxheight=*. I thought this map could be somewhat interesting for you.

There’s also some logic in place to identify potentially missing maxheight tags underneath (railway) bridges. Relevant in this case are either segments tagged with “maxheight” underneath a bridge or a single maxheight node, which is not too far away form the bridge. We had quite some lengthy discussions about this topic in the German subforum. If you’re interested Google Translation might come in handy.

I hope this is somewhat useful to identify missing tags or check existing tags in your area. Feedback is of course very welcome.
Please note that some layers might be a bit slow, so please be sure to zoom in accordingly.



Another question to the community and especially to @mmd:
If different lanes have different max height - which to tag: the bigger or lower?
If I’ll tag bigger value - I’ll tell that one-lane-wide car under this height can pass on at least one of lanes.
If I’ll tag lower value - I’ll tell that any-width car under this height can pass on any lane.

IMO, if you tag a single value - tag the bigger value. There are many more tall vehicles than wider-than-one-lane vehicles.

If you want to capture per-lane heights, from left to right, you may want to use a maxheight:lanes tag:


The OSM Wiki page on Lanes says: