Mass tagging in JOSM?

I logged in to my openstreetmap account and opened the iD editor.
What I wanted to do is to select a couple of buildings (say 10 of them) and assign to all of them the following tag: building=residential.
However it seems that iD editor is not capable of doing this.

Can this be done in JOSM editor? To assign a certain tag to all selected closed ways or maybe all selected nodes?

Thank you for the reply.
(I can not check this by myself, as I have issues with installing Java on my PC).

Sure it can. It’s a basic operation in JOSM.

Yes, of course. You can use different selection methods to select needed objects and set/edit value of a tag or even rename the tag left values untouched.

Thank you for the quick reply both muralito and wowik!!

Now I must somehow fix this annoying issue with Java.

You can do it in Potlatch 2, too, if you can’t get Java to work on your system.

I didn’t know that! Thank you Richard!

Just one off-topic question please: Does Potlatch 2 has an option of choosing a different satellite imagery source?
JOSM had this, and it was very useful sometimes when Bing’s quality was quite poor in specific areas.

Beware! When I first tried mass-tagging building=yes, I didn’t notice that I also tagged the nodes of the building. You can still overcome this with simple filters in JOSM, but note that tagging the building outline with building=yes is right, and tagging its nodes is not right.

Thank you for the valuable advice SwiftFast, and sorry for the late reply.
In which cases would nodes be selected along with the closed ways that I selected?

If you just drag the cursor over an area to select things you will get the nodes in addition to the ways.

If you want to select a small number of ways, just shift-click on each way. If you want to do more than a dozen or so then I find it easier to do a search. Search terms can include ‘modified’ or ‘new’ (useful to limit your changes to data you’ve just modified or entered) as will as ways or nodes. For example, after collecting address data I’ll draw the building outlines for the area without tagging them as I find that slows down my tracing. When I am ready to set building=* on them I use the following search ‘new tags:0-0 nodes:3-’ which gets me new objects (the ones I’ve just entered) that have no tags and contain at least three nodes.

Thank you for the detailed reply n76!
I apologize for not seeing your reply before (haven’t got any email, even though I am subscribed to the topic).
I didn’t understand you the last pare you explain how to search for particular elements, but still thank you for your reply!