Mass replacement of outdated website

Hi, is there an easy way to mass replace a website / url that has been changed on multiple objects that have it attached?
I’m looking for an online way, without having to install a program like JOSM.

old url: <SOME_ID>.pdf
new url: <SOME_ID>.pdf

overpass query with 108 objects with outdated url
overpass query with 20 manually updated objects

I asked the same question a month ago and did it with Overpass Turbo and Level0. See: How to change the domain of the website tag in multiple elements at once?

You need a tool (offline or online) with “Search & Replace” functionality. I used Notepad++.

Edit: I just wanted to share the Level0 link with you and unfortunately I have already uploaded the changes. At least the 104 objects with an outdated URL have already been changed. Sorry for that!


:grin::heart: Thank you for sharing. And I’m not too sad about it

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