Mass Deletion changesets - Were these reverted?

Hi! These are the changesets:



But, it seems they were reverted. Can someone point me to the revert-changesets?


Neither of these has been reverted.

However, the changeset comments on both of them are inadequate.

The general advice is to start by starting a changeset discussion pointing out that something seems to be wrong and asking a reason. It would also be a good place to request adequate changeset comments.

You are going to be in a much better position to do this than I am, as you presumably, have some familiarity with the area.

The reason you may think they are reverted is that the map tiles have not yet been re-rendered to reflect the deletions.

A quick scan (open in Potlatch 1, look for deletions) suggests that the “mass deletion” appears to be of a series of duplicate buildings. appears to be a duplicate of .

So (of the ones I’ve looked at) the deletion doesn’t in itself appear incorrect, but a more informative changeset comment would have been nice :slight_smile:

Yeah, a better comment is always recommended!

I wonder who created so many duplicates. I remember commenting on a changeset with a thank you note for tracing those buildings (Andhra Pradesh). I will take a look at that once I get to my computer.

I’ll also ask him for a better changeset comments! :slight_smile:

Apparently, user Leclerc has made those duplicates. He traced [all] the buildings in that village. I have thanked for tracing those buildings (that changeset is not duplicated -

I have asked chandusekharreddy to leave a better changeset comments -