Marker with Popup


I am not sure, if this is the right place to ask this question. But maybe anyone can still help me.

I am using the Joomla module of Openstreetmap - I added multiple markers to the map.

The markers are showing popups, with some kind of contact information, on click.

  • “click” defines the popup will be opened on click


Now my question is, what is the paramater to show the popups on default - there is no documentation about it - at least I couldnt find one.

(I tried a few but didnt find the right one)


Dies ist das deutsche OpenStreetMap-Forum. This is the German OpenStreetMap forum.

Hi Rog,
from a cursory search I see there are many joomla OSM plugins. Could you tell witch one you use?

Also, probably nobody here can help you specifically (we deal mainly with OSM data in germany, not so much with third-party-software using OSM), but maybe we can help you to find the right place to ask your question.

There is, for example, a great StackExchange site, , for geoinformation systems, and also the main stackexchange site, , which has a joomla tag.

Hope that helps!

Thanks alot - Danke vielmals :slight_smile:
I will check the links - Die Links werde ich mir mal anschauen