Mark different areas in OSM

Hi everyone,
I hope that I am righ here.
I have a problem in finding out how to programm my app efficiently in Android using OSMDroid.

Until now I have used GoogleMaps to mark a lot of areas with parkingzones ( in Austria you have to pay if you intend to park your car in Vienna on specific spots ).
I have more than 100.000 coordinates in more than 30 files.
I iterate over every file and then mark the area in GoogleMaps.
This approach, however, is very time consuming.

Now I want to solve this problem within OpenStreetMap because of its tiles.

However, I do not want the showing of the map to take as much time as it did in GoogleMaps.

So, I hope someone could give me a very goog hint how to solve my problem?

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

That sounds as if you basicly want to use another source for the fee=*-Tag. If so: Is your data under a OSM-compatible license? That might make it easier to get a good answer :wink: Depending on what exactly you want you could even use an already existing app in this case.