maritime borders - remove in xml

I am a newbie in osm and mapnik.
I need to hide maritime borders from the map throw the osm.xml file, so far without any luck.
so far i know what’s controlling the style for the border line:


<![CDATA[(select way,admin_level
from planet_osm_roads
where “boundary”=‘administrative’
and admin_level in (‘2’)

     ) as admin_01234]]></Parameter>
   <Parameter name="extent"><![CDATA[-20037508,-19929239,20037508,19929239]]></Parameter>
   <Parameter name="key_field"><![CDATA[]]></Parameter>
   <Parameter name="geometry_field"><![CDATA[way]]></Parameter>
   <Parameter name="dbname"><![CDATA[gis]]></Parameter>

how can i exclude the maritime?
can someone pls help?

Hi Yuval,

Please the describe the full flow and the tools you use, from the way you get the data from OSM to the end result.
There are many flows that use OSM data, so you cannot assume we know what you use.

and thank for the quick response, i am using local data from:, and osm global shp file on a local tile server rendering by mapnik.
i am trying to play with the xml but no luck with maritime borders so far.

does the above helps?

Are you are using the israel-and-palestine-latest.osm.pbf osm file or the shapefile file?

As far as I know Mapnik, most users are taking the osm.pbf file an use rule files to render the tiles.

If you use this flow, you can change the rule file to ignore the maritime borders by using the Mapnik equivalent of
“boundary=administrative AND admin_level=2 AND NOT natural=coastline”